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Welcome to the ASAM WIKI

The ASAM Wiki is a knowledge base for standards, projects and activities related to ASAM. You will find current and accurate information that helps you to get started with ASAM. The core of the Wiki is a comprehensive introduction to each ASAM standard. It helps you to understand the technical content of the standard, its application areas, advantages and benefits. If available, we also provides downloads for some standards. The Wiki shall help you to make an informed decision, whether a standard is useful for you and shall give you a jump start in understanding its technical content.

ASAM standards are primarily used in the automotive industry. They focus on the definition of communication interfaces between devices in the measurement, calibration, diagnostics and testing area. The standards cover processes and tool-chains in these areas and have the goal to reduce the development, integration and maintenance efforts for them.

Development activities covered by ASAM standards


ASAM standards cover specific use-cases and are developed according to the following guiding principles:

  • Independence from hardware and operating system
  • Use of object-oriented models
  • Definition of semantics and syntax
  • Independence from the physical storage of data

Consequently, they are vendor- and technology-independent, which keeps system components of different origin interchangeable and decouples them from the continuous advances of IT platforms. This secures investments in tools and processes for the long-term.

Besides the overall advantages that ASAM standards typically have for every user, there might be very specific advantages for you in your specific organization or for your specific, technical problem. The Wiki enables you to discover, whether an ASAM standard apply to your specific situation and gives you a first understanding of its technical content. Should the Wiki leave any questions unanswered, then please contact ASAM via the contact form.

The focus of the ASAM standard descriptions in this Wiki is on understandability and ease of use. We have written the Wiki specifically for readers who are new to ASAM standards. However, please note that this Wiki does not set any standards, nor is the Wiki in any way part of any standard. You should always refer to the original ASAM standards if you make decisions that have an effect on standard compliance of your products or development deliverables.

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