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The standard belongs to a group of tightly coupled standards that specify interfaces of measurement, calibration and diagnostic systems (MCD). ASAM CDF is associated to ASAM MCD-2 MC , which and ASAM MDF.  ASAM MCD-2 MC is a file format that stores the description of calibration parameters and measurement data, and ASAM MDF, which .  MDF is a file format that stores the values of measured variables and associated meta data. ASAM CDF supports all data elements of ASAM MCD-2 MC except CUBOID. Furthermore, ASAM CDF is compatible to ASAM MDX.

When all standards are jointly applied, then the MCD tool-chain achieves a high degree of interoperability, vendor- and technology-independence and allows easy exchange of data between customers and suppliers.

Industry Adoption

The primary application area of ASAM CDF is the calibration of ECU software.

All major calibration tools have importers and exporters for the format. Proprietary formats still exist in this area such as DCM and CSV. Furthermore, the majority of tools for calibration data management have importers and exporters for ASAM CDF.

The standard is widely accepted for this class of tools. It is also desirable that model-based development tools and documentation generators know how to import and export calibration data; however, but support for ASAM CDF is still not very common for this class of tools.

List of Deliverables

The standard includes the following deliverables:


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